Active Soccer Kids offers four different programs to meet the developmental needs of children aged 1-12. See below to find the program that is right for your child.

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Active Soccer Kids Experience

Our caring team positively impacts children’s lives on the field through best coaching, communication and engagement.

Active Early Kickers

1-2 Years old

Our physical learning experience, which has been described to be fun, is designed in such a way that your toddler becomes acquainted with our parent participation movement program. The program, which has different classes of about 45-minutes is designed to enhance the social awareness, gross motor skills and cognitive development of a toddler. Our highly qualified and experienced coaches are there to offer individual focus and positive reinforcement for your toddler. In addition, our coaches will also be carrying out activities such as pre-soccer that will help your toddler learn to balance, running kicking and more while having so much fun.

Active Soccer Biters

3-4 Years old

At this age group, the primary aim is to ensure comfort for your child when holding the ball and this is achieved through extra exposure to soccer skills such as shooting, dribbling and introduction of passing. The classes for this age group are all scheduled to last for 45-minutes. Some of the contents of their curriculum include partner activities to boost sharing, listening, respect, cooperation, and teamwork. Some of the physical activities engaged in at this age group include dynamic exercises consisting of pace movement, learning how to change direction and lateral ability; all to enhance dribbling and movement on the ball. During this learning process, your child is also exposed to concepts of teamwork and teammate. Exposure to this learning process at this age, allows your child to become comfortable with the ball thanks to all the soccer skills exposed to.

Active Soccer Munchkins

5-7 Years old

At this stage, the program is designed to enhance the elementary capacity of your child via fun games, technical skill development and group activities. All the classes for this age group are scheduled to last for 50 minutes. What the learning curriculum centers on at this stage are to become more aware of open spaces to aid the development of team skills in a game environment. The focus is on being conscious of your teammate's location to easily move this knowledge to soccer. To build confidence and ball control skills, all the classes at this stage consists of the high repetition of ball activities to aid muscle memory.

Active Soccer Energizers

7-12 Years old

This is our highest age group and we have designed the program to help enhance their creativity and we achieve this through the development of technical skill and competition. All the classes for this age group are scheduled to last for 1 hour. In all the sessions, there is the freedom to be creative with the ball and evidence of this concept being highly focused on is the 1v1 dribbling and defending games. The introduction of opposition creates pressure, and it helps to show the decision making of the player when faced with pressure. Each player becomes proficient with the ball through the repetition of ball control activities.